Monday, 21 December 2009

By the seaside

Weary of work-a-day life, the Boy and I treated ourselves to a lovely weekend in deepest North Norfolk.

In late November, Norfolk is a country of lashing wind and pouring rain - tucked up in our splendid inn in the (very) out-of-season Wells-next-the-Sea, we were cosy as could be.

The Globe Inn - in a sweet little Georgian square - had a roaring wood stove, a menu of local seafood and game, and comfy wrought-iron beds.  Said combination lead to sound, sound sleep, of course!

The wintry weather thankfully gave way to enough sunshine for a brisk stroll on beautiful Holkham, miles of sandy beach fringed with pine woods and full of dog walkers, horse riders and bird watchers on a sunny Saturday morning.

Holkam is famous for the scene at the end of Shakespeare in Love, where the shipwrecked Viola walks the length of the sands - walking into the New World defiantly, hopefully, becoming the muse of the bard's imagination and the feisty heroine of Twelth Night (according to Tom Stoppard).

A fantastic weekend, rounded up - of course - with thrifting, antiques and cake in Holt and a wonderful vintage fair in Burnham Market. The effect of the long weekend was far, far better than expected - a change of scene, brisk sea air, hearty meals and lots of exercise, and I felt a new woman!


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