Thursday, 22 September 2011


Last night, while all were sleeping, I heard a Noise. Like someone was in the garden. And the security light came on. And stayed on. You can imagine how my heart leapt into my mouth. The boy L slumbered peacefully on, so I screwed up my courage and stuck my head between the curtains.

I saw a vixen and a small cub frolicking around on the patio, nipping each other affectionately and wheeling round and round playfully. They were about a foot from the bedroom doors, but couldn't see me - I guess because of the reflection - so they came close and were completely unspooked. It was delightful.

Fox and Fox Cub

Originally uploaded to Flickr by kevinb_irl

Some people consider them a menace, I know, what with tipping over the bins and strewing the ground with greasy chicken boxes and babies' nappies, but it was beautiful, graceful and, well, kind of sweet.

It was a real reminder that while human may rule the school in the daytime, the night belongs to the animals ... even in the suburbs of London!


Vintage pop-up at goes monthly

Vintage pop-up at Alice House NW6 6NJ goes monthly, hurrah!


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